Jim Chambers Flintlocks, Ltd

UNews and Upcoming AppearancesV

Jim Chambers will be appearing at the following events and workshops in 2015:

Date Event Location
Apr 10 & 11 South Carolina Muzzleloader Conference Show & Sale
South Carolina State Museum
Columbia, SC
Apr 17 & 18 Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show
Museum of the Appalachia
Clinton, TN
June 13-21 NMLRA Spring National Shoot Friendship, IN
July 24-26 Dixon's Muzzleloading Fair
Dixon's Muzzleloading Shop
Kempton, PA
Aug 14 & 15 Annual Contemporary Longrifle Association Show
Rhupp Arena
Lexington, KY
Sept 12-20 NMRLA Fall Shoot Friendshp, IN
Oct 24 & 25 29th Annual Virginia Kentucky Rifle Show Front Royal, VA

Other News

Buckeye Barrels, LLC is now our exclusive barrel supplier. Buckeye Barrels is located within Jim Chambers Flintlocks' workshop so your entire kit order can be placed at one time and the availability of all your order determined immediately.

Buckeye Barrels, LLC carries all barrels to fit our kits from the following barrel makers: Rice Barrel Company, Long Hammock Barrels, and W.E. Rayl, Inc.. Buckeye Barrels is also in the process of building an inventory in an effort to try and reduce the long wait times currently experienced when ordering.

If you desire a specific maker, please call for availability prior to ordering otherwise your barrel may come from any of the four companies.